Fall Safety for kids: How to prevent falls

Each parent knows that it is difficult to keep a child from injuries that occur from falling. At the point when a baby figures out how to walk, stopping falls requires continuous supervision. Afterwards, a toddler may tumble while reaching to get to the treat jar — and an older child may slip while soaring up hardwood stairs in socks. All things considered, there's a lot you can do to promote fall security and limit injuries when falls happen. Here are some tips and precautions to prevent kids from falling on a frequent basis.
Mind the windows- Most children 5 years of age and younger can fit through a 6-inch opening. To prevent falling from windows, put a stop that prevents windows from opening any more than 4 inches. You can also try to install window guards that cover the lower portion of the window. Other prevention systems incorporate opening double-hung windows only from the top, moving furniture far from windows, and overseeing children in a place with open windows. Try not to depend on a window screen to prevent falls.
Stairs- Put up safety gates at the starting and ending of all staircases. Have doorknobs on the gates which will make it hard for the toddlers to open the gate. Install railings that are a little shorter so that it will be easier for toddlers who can walk to take support and go up more info or down the stairs. Make sure that you don’t leave clutter or any toys on the stirs as the child may trip and fall.
Baby furniture and baby equipment- Always make sure that your house is baby proof before getting a baby into your house. Use safety straps on baby high chairs, car seats, changing table, stroller or baby carrier. The safety straps are preinstalled and make sure they are tight and secure. Never leave a child unattended on a changing table or high chair as a little nudge from the baby might lead to the furniture falling.
Beds- Have separate beds for toddlers with safety railing installed. Do not put babies who are six years or younger on bunk beds. Avoid any gaps in the bed and railing and always make sure that there is no screw or rod hanging loose on the bed. If you are using a bunk bed for children (above the age of six) make sure there is a bed light or a safety light installed near the stairs of the bunk bed.
Porches, balconies and backyards- Never leave a child unattended in a porch, balcony, backyard or fire escape. Make sure to lock the doors and windows that give access to these places at all times.

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